Who are the Team Members?

Your primary care physician and other assigned healthcare professionals in the practice work as a team to provide you with care that is individually determined to meet your specific needs. Healthcare team members strive to know you and your preferences regarding your care and they remember these details.

Print out our check list and make sure you have everything you need for your next office visit.

Patient Office Visit Checklist

As a Patient Centered Medical Home, your primary care practice has met certain standards such as:

accessible & useful

Has readily accessible, clinically useful information enabling the healthcare team to treat patients comprehensively.

Patient Needs

Maintains continuous relationships with patients by implementing evidence-based guidelines and applying them to identified needs of individual patients. Collaborates with patients and their families to pursue goals for optimal achievable health.

improve efficiency

Seeks to reduce medical errors and improve efficiency by eliminating handwritten prescriptions and by using drug safety checks and cost information when prescribing.